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The Original Tanzania Experience

Arusha National Park

Arusha National Park has been described as the "Multi-faceted jewel in the shadow of the Mount Meru". Its size is 137km2 and it offers such varied scenery (topography) to keep visitors' attention and enjoyment.

In this small park, altitude ranges from 1500m above sea level to 4566m up the summit of Mount Meru.

The park lies between the towering peaks of Mount Meru and the roof of Africa's Mount Kilimanjaro and is easily accessible from towns such as Arusha and Moshi, allowing you to plan a visit in and around Parks that are located much further in distance from main towns. Within the park you can find the small extinct Ngurudoto crater and the beautiful Momella lakes which support magnificent bird life. The area is rich in wildlife from mammals to water birds such as the African Spoonbill, Hammer kop, Stocks, Hadada Ibis and different species of herbivores - from black and white colobus monkeys to elephants. Carnivores such as leopards and hyenas are present but rarely seen. You also won't see lions in this National Park.

You can try different activities in Arusha National Park such as canoeing/walking safaris which gives you the chance to get close to wildlife and enjoy the real outdoors in this beautiful National Park.