Frequently Asked Questions

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Everyone has questions and we've tried to cover a variety of topics in our 'Frequently Asked Questions' page. However, you can always contact us with any specific questions.

This is a question we have heard asked many times and wanted to outline the main points. People know of Kenya more than Tanzania but Tanzania has the only National Parks that are completely left natural, with no 'man made borders'. In Tanzania you will find a high concentration of National Parks and diversity.  It has remained less 'touristy' than Kenya. The contrast between areas such as Mombasa, Kenya and Zanzibar and the Islands off mainland Tanzania is huge in terms of maintaining culture and in-keeping with environment. The cost of living is also lower in Tanzania so you will find that your pennies go further.

Yes but this may cost unnecessarily. Always speak to your network provider first but in most cases, buying a local sim card to fit an unlocked phone will serve you better.

Yes. However, charges apply to most debit card withdrawals.  It is also not common for shops to have debit card machines if you are used to this in your home country.  Main banks in Tanzania, within towns such as Moshi and Arusha are Standard Chartered, Barclays, Exim Bank. Cards are more widely accepted in the hotels / lodges within the National Parks.

This is important in Tanzania and for us, as a local tour company.  We strive to pay decent salaries because we have direct experience of exploitation and very few employment laws in the country to protect worker rights. As with anywhere, if you feel you have been treated well and received a good service then it is particularly well received if you 'tip'.  There are instances when climbing mountains that a lead guide will not distribute tips amongst the rest of the team, including porters.  This is not acceptable so please travel with a level of awareness.  Your tips will be highly appreciated and will go towards a continued personalised, excellent service!

Yes.  At all times we will ensure you are travelling with a driver / guide who speaks English.  We cannot, however, guarantee fluency in other languages so please let us know in advance if you'd like to request any translators and we will see what we can do.

Yes. You will be fully supported and provided with the porters and guides that you need. Mount Kilimanjaro offers a hugely rewarding personal experience and we have guided many clients who climb alone.

Yes. Where possible, if you let us know, we can arrange to place you in another group of climbers.

We can give an approximation of the general cost of some items but mostly you will find your money does stretch.  For example, a glass of wine will be just over £1 in more local places, rising to £3 in hotel bars.  You can expect to pay £1.50 for a local beer but again, more in hotels.  The average cost of dinner in a restaurant - whether Chinese / Indian / Italian is approximately £6 - £8 for a main meal. However, the cost does rise within the lodges / tented camps during Safari.  We use the OANDA website for checking exchange rates against the Tanzanian Shilling.

This is often asked. For some of the National Parks, you can find good opportunities for spotting animals throughout the year, eg. Ngorongoro Crater. Serengeti National Park becomes quieter following the Great Migration around the months of February / March.  While we are in contact with you, we can advise at all times on what you may expect to find but it's important to understand that, with nature, there are no guarantees.  You can find more information on this in our 'Useful Info' page.

We could say in all parks, provided you give them your time! Plus, the 'Big Five' has different appeal to different people.  We aim to show you real Africa and get off the beaten track as much as possible.  The opportunities will present themselves with careful guiding and local knowledge to give you the best possible chance of getting close to your favourite wildlife.

No. We want to give you the flexibility of tailoring travel dates to suit you. We can however sometimes advise on better deals we have found.  We have not set up direct partnerships with airlines that fly to Tanzania / Kenya and as there are many options, it helps you to book direct and thus obtain the necessary cover that is provided with a direct booking relating to protection and compensation.

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