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Gombe Stream National Park

Gombe Stream is Tanzania's smallest National Park, located on the shores on Lake Tanganyika, along with Mahale Mountains National Park. Its size is only 52km2 and it can be reached by boat or scheduled flights from Arusha or Dar-Es-Salaam.

As with Mahale, Chimpanzees can also be seen in this park. Given its smaller area and when given your time, these rare sightings will uplift anyone! The community numbers only around 100.

What is beautiful here, in a way, is that these chimpanzees have become used to humans visiting their habitat and this is due to an extensive, long running research programme into behaviour by Jane Goodall. The identification of a main matriarch, known as "Fifi" brings us somehow continually closer to these amazing primates where we are fasinated with any new insight into their lives and similarities to ourselves.

You should also find other species of money such as Red Colobus, Blue monkeys and Olive Baboons. Due to the forest environment, birdsong can be heard across the area and you should be able to find the fish eagle as one beautiful example.

Another peaceful, unique sighting is of the evening fishermen on the Lake. Their lanterns can be seen from the shore, adding to the wonderful experience of the great African outdoors!