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Original Tanzania
The Original Tanzania Experience

Breeding & Migration

Breeding in the wild offers the most amazing insight into how animal behaviour follows patterns, cycles and adaptation to changing environments. There is the unarguable link between food and reproduction. Ultimately, migration is undertaken with a view of sourcing the right habitat in which to breed.

Baby Giraffe

At Original Tanzania, we have been lucky enough to observe this special cycle amongst many species. Our clients have also been able to enjoy the privilege of watching events unfold before their eyes. Of course we couldn't dedicate a page to breeding without showing some of the young animals we have seen. With regard to migration, to us there is simply no equipment that could capture the sound, the dust, or the exhilaration of herds of wildebeest crossing the Serengeti. So, although you may find pictures in our main photo gallery, we would rather you book and come to join us on one of these adventures.

Lion and Cubs

Year after year it is becoming less easy for experts to 'predict' the timing of the 'great migration' in East Africa, which is why we don't want to limit the month(s) of your travel too specifically. As previously explained, we are real advocates for experiencing as much as possible - inside and outside of what is generally commercially described to be the highlights. What is incredible is that, to this day, it will never be as simple as each migration moving freely and without problems to find the best food/least number of predators/best climate, in order to survive, breed and continue the cycle. Added to the entire picture is the survival strategy whereby it's about juggling whether staying or going will ultimately provide the best way forward in the wild. Other forces by nature and man will impact the overall result.

Family of Elephants

In terms of the privilege of seeing nature at its flirtatious best ahead of breeding, you can be assured that our Driver Guides will do their best to explain animal/bird behaviour wherever possible. It is quite simply incredible to see any species acting in complete accordance with nature.

When you contact us to ask about the best times to travel, we can advise according to our experience and what you specifically hope to see - always remembering we need to give nature our time.