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Original Tanzania
The Original Tanzania Experience


Eco-Tourism can really add to your trip and we emphasise this to encourage interaction between people, culture and nature. These experiences are invaluable to our own personal understanding, tolerance and ability to see the world from a different perspective. Participating in eco-tourism can really boost trade, standards of living and future development. Many visitors to Africa have left with ideas of individual projects they wish to support or a broader understanding of other ways of life and peoples' adaption to the current world we live in. At Original Tanzania we seek to take you to villages and get you on foot as much as possible to have the time and proximity to absorb your environment. The irony about eco-tourism within Africa is that many of these countries operate on a much lower damage level environmentally than other continents and for those thinking that luxury has to be lost in pursuit of eco-tourism, this is simply not true. Many visitors enjoy experiences/accommodation close to nature and the open air, finding they are lacking nothing.

Tourism can also be described under 'Sustainable Tourism' and can be confusing. Quite simply, by continuing to visit this wonderful country of Tanzania, you are helping to put money into the economy and areas that are already protected under the authorities can continue to be protected. Tourism should benefit all parties involved from the tourist to the local staff acting as your guides/drivers/waiters etc. to the local people and the environment. Awareness is key.

Local Village Lunch

Within eco-tourism we offer the following activities: Walking Safari, Village Tours, Observation (Filming where applicable) of local tribes, including the last known bushmen 'Hadzabe Tribe' and time spent in local towns/villages. You can also look at our other recommended options for specific ideas.

Daily Activities

When it comes to adding to your trip with one of these activities, just tell us your interests. We can manage the rest. As with the other itineraries, if you are looking to tailor your tour, please use the 'About You' form which you can send to us at any point with regard to tailored trips, specialised tours and your personal interests. If it is also easier for you to tell us your budget, we can then tailor a trip according to your budget and aim to meet your individual interests as closely as possible.

Daily Workload

Come and travel with us and become aware of responsible tourism in Tanzania.