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Approaching Kilimanjaro from the north side (the only route starting on this side of the mountain) and close to the Kenyan border, Rongai offers views of Maasai land where wildlife including Buffalo, Elephant and Monkeys can be spotted, along with East Africa’s stunning birdlife. Although becoming an increasingly popular route, it is still the quietest option. Considered a moderately difficult route, it has excellent summit success rates. You will make a gentle ascent through several different climate zones and make your descent on the south side along the Marangu route, so you get the best of both sides of the mountain.

Also known as the 'Coca Cola' route due to the tea huts where Coke could be bought along the way. The Marangu route is the oldest of the routes and has one of the most established trails. Considered one of the easier routes, it is still challenging due to its short, beautiful but steep and demanding trek to Uhuru Peak (5895m). It is one of the most heavily used routes and in the rainy season can be very well trodden and muddy in some places. This is not the most technical route to climb and there are no tough scrambles or rocky steps to negotiate until the final summit night. The ascent and descent are done on the same path and this route is the only one with sleeping huts offering dormitory accommodation.

Machame, nicknamed the 'Whiskey' route, is considered a very popular route and probably the most beautiful route to start your ascent to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. This is considered one of the better routes for acclimatization, as you will have a steady altitude increase every day. It is also one of the more challenging choices, due to hiking steeper routes for longer distances. Due to hiking high and sleeping low, the Machame route has one of the highest summit success rates of all the Kilimanjaro routes.

9 days 8 nights itinerary option also available

Lemosho route is one of the longest and most scenic routes of Mount Kilimanjaro; achieved over 8 or 7 days. It is one of the best routes for acclimatization due to the length of the climb. It also has a high success rate of climbers making it to the "Roof of Africa" (summit). It is a favourite route due to a great balance of low traffic and scenic views.