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Original Tanzania
The Original Tanzania Experience

Trip of a Lifetime

We have separated 'Trip of a Lifetime' from Tailored Tours because it can mean many things to different people and we really want you to let us know if this is what your trip means to you. Perhaps you have been saving slowly over years or you have always wanted to visit Africa/go on Safari but never 'got around to it'. Perhaps this is your honeymoon of a lifetime where you want to combine escapism with adventure, luxury and memories that are quite different to a standard packaged honeymoon. Perhaps it is a special anniversary or birthday where you want to bring people together. 

Perhaps you or someone you know have been through a particularly hard time and this is something you have planned for to truly celebrate the turnaround of events or somewhere you want to experience that brings you back to nature and simplicity.

Perhaps climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro at the time of the full moon to propose to your partner is also a dream?

Whatever your reasons, once you tell us, we can add those little extras to your time that relate specifically to you. This is why by coming direct to the local tour operator, you are communicating directly with those who will carry out your tour and plan your time. We value everyone who comes to travel with us and experience Tanzania.

Please add those important details to our 'About You' form.