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Kilimanjaro Groups

For some time we have received requests for joining groups for Kilimanjaro. We have specialised in private tours and small groups and will continue to offer this as it's a real highlight for us to be part of such private tours and achievements. Therefore please do contact us if you have specific dates you wish to trek that are outside of the given dates below.

Joining a group not only opens up the opportunity to meet like-minded people and experience a phenomenal challenge together, it means lower personal costs than trekking alone. Adding the social aspect to the climb amidst such unique conditions and goals can bring out the best in yourself and others as we all work as a team to reach the summit.

We have focused on 3 routes that are considered to offer the best conditions/duration for acclimatisation; Machame, Lemosho and Rongai. We have also considered internationally recognised observances for some of the summit days which may be of personal interest and are of some importance to Original Tanzania. On the scheduled treks, up to 10 hikers will join together. You may already be a group of 3 looking to join others or a solo climber. You will share the mess tent for your meals and refreshments and appropriate arrangements will be made for sleeping. As a general practice we would offer 2 person tents and if you are travelling alone we would then arrange for sharing with someone of the same gender. If you have any specific requests we will of course do our best to accommodate this.

Most people choose to arrive in Tanzania 1 or 2 days before the trek and we will arrange for you to stay in one of our recommended hotels in Moshi or Arusha. A pre-trek briefing will take place at your accommodation with the aim of bringing everyone together at the same time where possible. We will also check through equipment and advise on clothing preparation. Where anything is missing or considered unsafe we offer the option to hire alternatives. We will take through what to expect on the mountain and provide tips and safety advice.

Please see our scheduled trek dates below. These have fixed prices based on a minimum number of 5 climbers. You will also be able to share the cost of any tipping for your mountain team at the end of the trek. Day 1 of the attached itineraries refers to your arrival day with the final descent day including an overnight stay before your return flight home.

Please note the cost does not currently include airport pick up and transfer to accommodation as this is dependent on arrival dates/times and number of people to be confirmed at a later date.

Group Start Deposit Full Cost Due Itinerary Join
8 Days 7 Nights Rongai Route $355.00 $1,774.00 View Join
8 Days 7 Nights Machame Route $348.00 $1,741.00 View Join
8 Days 7 Nights Rongai Route
Full Cost:
8 Days 7 Nights Machame Route
Full Cost: