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Mahale Mountain National Park

Mahale Mountain National Park is unique in its almost inaccessibility! You can't get here by road but instead by boat as it is located on the shores of Lake Tanganyika. Its size is 1,613km2 and this is a true setting within the heart of real African bushland. Chartered flights to Mahale are available from Arusha, Dar-Es-Salaam and also Kigoma. If you have more time, the weekly boat from Kigoma takes you a leisurely 7 hours! You would then need to continue by boat for another two hours. Private motorboats are another option which would take less time.

A main draw to this National Park are the Chimpanzees. This is home to some of Africa's last remaining ones in the wild. People are fascinated by Chimpanzees and if you are lucky enough to view them in their natural environment, it is truly magical. Quiet observation can continue for hours in these surroundings, never tiring of behaviour that seems too familiar to humans!

The local people to this region are the Tongwe and they have their own beliefs and rituals relating to spirits. Hiking is a real treat in this Mountain National Park and you can soak up the natural environment at your own pace.

While chimpanzees are considered the main attraction there is a landscape that includes diverse forest fauna and you will also find troops of red colobus, red-tailed and blue monkeys, along with vibrantly colorful forest birds.

An additional treat within this park is the opportunity to swim/bathe in Lake Tanganyika. This lake is translucent and the least polluted freshwater lake. The view, taking in the mountain backdrop and lush forest surrounding the lake will become a long term memory.