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Original Tanzania
The Original Tanzania Experience

Main Cities

The main city of Dar-es-Salaam is the best starting point for Safaris that cover the South and West circuits. Some visitors either 'pass through' Dar-es-Salaam on their way to Zanzibar and other coastal areas or others prefer to spend a little time in this sprawling, bustling place. This city offers a real contrast, with well placed 'upmarket' bars and restaurants to townships where you can try local food and ambience. As always, one of our local guides will ensure your comfort and safety at all times and advise on places to go/activities. The beaches are spectacular and you will find local people enjoying a refreshing time outside of the heat of the city. The hotels located by the sea are known for nightlife and luxury.

Arusha is a large town and considered the 'Gateway to Safari' for the Northern Circuit. Arusha has seen a lot of developments, and in the last 14 years has hosted the United Nations Rwanda trials, which started in 1998. This brought international visitors (and subsequent residents) to the area. Along with a changing population, new restaurants and bars have opened and growing entertainment areas that include Cinema, Shisha Bars, Cafes/Coffee Houses.

Moshi is a smaller town only 1 hour driving distance from Arusha and also a base from which to start Safari and particularly your trek up magnificent Mount Kilimanjaro. Moshi has seen increasing development and has changed its environment to accommodate many international volunteers. We have seen its development first hand and welcome people's interest in the friendly environment and beautiful surroundings. Many local projects have benefitted from people's involvement and, over time, more sustainable and less "reliant" projects have emerged. We support empowerment but more importantly, the recognition of an exchange of skills and growth.

As a result, again, of changing populations and outside interest, Moshi now has a large Kenyan based chain supermarket "Nakumatt" which really does have everything we would expect to see in most other parts of the world. Somehow we hope Moshi will still retain its charm by not being overdeveloped and does not allow for the wealth divide to become too wide or lead to sections of the community being unable to access basic things.

We can advise on accommodation in these cities/towns and locally based activities to bring that added 'local' element to your experience.