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Original Tanzania
The Original Tanzania Experience

Mainland Shores

We have included for mainland shores because there are some little gems to visit and break up journeys if you find yourself, for example, on a long road journey from Arusha to Dar-es-Salaam. If you wish to add this into your overall itinerary, we will arrange the transport, accommodation and then allow you to explore and enjoy at your own pace.

Dar-es-Salaam itself hosts a fantastic coastline with larger, purpose-built hotels that you can visit during the day/stay overnight and some also have evening entertainment, particularly during high season. There are also other hotels in-keeping with the surroundings, based outside of the city. Dar-es-Salaam is 'split' by a ferry that takes you to South Beach. Alternatively, if you remain on the other side, you have the advantage of city bars/restaurants/shopping and central accommodation.

Tanga is a large town on the coast which has real character and history steeped in ideas around witchcraft. It has a beautiful coast line and is very simple as a town.

Pangani is another optional stop off point where you will find stretches of paradise beaches with stunning accommodation choices where you can sleep by the ocean in the banda style huts. There is a short boat journey from Pangani across to a small island that hosts secluded guest houses/hotels. You can also choose to join a boat trip and get out onto the ocean. This really is a treat for those wanting to escape from it all for an incredibly reasonable cost.

Bagamoyo (Bwagamoyo) has history and its name has a strong meaning, "Lay Down your Hearts", connected to the slave trade. Within Bagamoyo you will find small market traders and sleepy shops. It is far from developed but offers well-built hotel accommodation by the ocean front. This is real 'time out' and again, at a reasonable cost.