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Original Tanzania
The Original Tanzania Experience

Meet the Team

Elias Udambe
Elias Udambe
Trained Tour Leader and Outdoor Specialist

Setting up Original Tanzania has been a Safari (Swahili meaning 'Journey') in itself! My interests surrounding nature, its uniqueness and everything having its place formed the roots of the company.

My training started within Professional Tour Guiding and Management which included for client care and outdoor survival skills along with extensive learning around ecology and the fundamental "pyramids of life". These interests have continued throughout my career in a job I love because I have been lucky enough to re-visit places and observe nature’s changes direct.

I have travelled across many countries in Africa from Namibia, Uganda, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa, Botswana, Kenya and much of my own country. Celebrating its diversity and dramatic landscapes with visitors is something I will always remember and do my best to make a memory of a lifetime.

Following personal requests for tours and guiding, I realized I could build something that promotes the originality of Tanzania in a way that matched my values and what I want to deliver to visitors.

My ethos is around supporting local business, local decision making and creating something that benefits widely; including factors such as working conditions, salaries and gender equality. I quickly worked my way up to become a lead guide on Mount Kilimanjaro, ultimately leading the international guides that came with groups. Recognition at those times came with our clients' appreciation. I really have covered every possible role and used those times to come to understand what we can really offer.

Original Tanzania is about bringing a long lasting experience to people, not just touring and saying goodbye. We hope you will join us.

Sarah Hough MA CIPD
Sarah Hough MA CIPD
Development and Partnerships

My role with Original Tanzania has a strong focus on client care and hopefully offering advice that really  helps you get the most out of your time in Tanzania.  My wish is to truly promote this beautiful country for its phenomenal world heritage sites and tourism experiences as well its people and culture. International portrayals of African countries often focus heavily on aid, poverty, conflict and inability for self development. This impacts negatively on tourism and investment which ultimately impacts economic growth across all communities. It seems that some of the generalizations that are made about Africa, in many ways, need to change.

I believe in experiential learning and moving away from sometimes biased based education and text books. There is so much to learn if we switch off the stream of media, get out into the world and find out for ourselves what is really going on. The key point, which relates to what Original Tanzania wants to promote, is that any type of interaction is an exchange on both sides. It isn't about one side benefiting more than another but more about any positive impact that exchange can have for the future.  I work with great people who work hard to present Tanzania in a way that leaves people feeling they've experienced a special part of Africa.

Erica Bernard
Erica Bernard
In Country Operations and Finance

I trained in finance and have been lucky enough to maintain employment in Dar-es-Salaam in a country that has faced a number of hardships. When the opportunity came to join a locally based company, I realised not only can I use my learned skills but I can be myself and contribute in other ways to the development of the company in relation to opportunities in Tanzania and how whole communities can benefit from sustainable tourism.

I am mostly based behind the scenes and help coordinate operations within the South of Tanzania. It means a lot to work with people who are really passionate about what they do and what they can offer.

Priscilla Kayage
Priscilla Kayage
In Country Operations

I first became involved in tourism in Tanzania in the middle of the 1990s when I assisted International Companies in terms of logistics and going on tour. Much investment was brought to Tanzania by these companies but it took quite some time before employment was extended to local people and this can still be the case today or, if employed, salaries are much lower for local staff than international staff.

Original Tanzania want to change that. I absolutely love working with people and believe Tanzania as a country has so much to offer and people leave with strong memories and a wish that they could stay longer!

My role is to help coordinate your time in Tanzania with bookings, transportation and occasional driving. I undertook important roles during the UN Rwanda Genocide Trials in my home town of Arusha.  Having such an important process take place here allowed visitors to view and understand a major human catastrophe in East Africa. Coming to Tanzania offers people the chance to go back to roots, the history of mankind and explore dramatic landscapes with exceptional wildlife. Welcome to Tanzania!