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National Parks

It's hard to describe the best season to visit our National Parks. Each season has its charm and special features. Generally speaking, during the dry season it's easier to observe animals as they gather around water spots. On the other hand, the spectacular emergence of our green landscapes, flowers and birds appear with the rainy season.

National Parks

Safari means journey in Swahili, the national language of Tanzanian people, but for a visitor it has a special meaning. Safari now conjures up the image of four wheel drive vehicles with a "pop up" roof, inspirational wildlife, adventure and emotion.

Tanzania has the highest percentage of protected wildlife areas in Africa. The fifteen parks are managed by Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA). The Game Reserves and numerous forest reserves, as well as other kind of protected areas such as Ngorongoro Conservation Area, offer a lot more than just game drives to view the spectacular wildlife! You can also experience Boat Trips, Canoeing Safaris, Chimpanzee Tracking, Fishing, Hiking, Hot Air Ballooning, Mountain Biking, Mountain climbing, Swimming, Snorkeling, Walking Safaris, Eco-tourism and Filming tours. These are among just some of the activities available to visitors.

For most visitors a trip to the great parks has been a highlight of their visit to Tanzania. It is an unknown adventure and in Arusha, the central point of tourism in Tanzania, you can feel the excitement of groups about to leave on their journey. Our parks are naturally wild and welcoming.

National Parks

Original Tanzania offers you suggested itineraries and tailored itineraries according to your interest and expectations. Our aim is to share with you an unforgettable experience in our Tanzania National Parks, Game reserves and protected areas by allowing enough time to appreciate and respect what Nature can offer.

Explore Tanzania with Original Tanzania because we KNOW Tanzania. Karibu Tanzania Hakuna Matata.