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Want to know how to make the best of your time in Tanzania?

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Tanzania offers so much that it's difficult to "sell" as a package but we understand it's also difficult to know how best to plan your time. We hope this post will help you understand a little more.

A Safari on the Northern Circuit can include Lake Manyara, Tarangire National Park, Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti. You can get to any of these parks via internal flights (small aircraft) or by road. If travelling by road between these parks you can expect no more than 5 hours transit time. Some of the roads are uneven and adventurous and you will take in stops to capture your surroundings and nature. Your itinerary will be built around the most comfortable route and optimal wildlife viewing opportunities. Added to this is of the course the consideration of the best times to visit and we will advise on this in detail depending on your interest. A good amount of time to spend on Safari in the Northern Circuit should be a minimum of 5 days/4 nights or longer if you wish to experience all the Parks.

Accommodation on Safari can be 'under the stars' basic camping, "mid-range" which would mean hotels/lodges, "Semi-Luxury" and "Luxury" which would include high end unique lodges and tented camps. Tented camps are sometimes misunderstood as being like basic camping. These can cost more than lodges as they are positioned in prime locations within the National Parks and also for migration when you can opt for Mobile Tented Camps. You will experience full board facilities and excellent service. At Luxury level you can find truly stunning accommodation structures and interiors with added extras to make you feel quite special. Your location will be amidst the most wonderful opportunities for catching nature at its absolute best.

Mountains in Tanzania include of course the well-known Kilimanjaro (Roof of Africa), Mount Meru, Usambara Mountains (mid-way between Moshi and Dar-es-Salaam) and Oldonyo Lengai (inactive Volcano). Different durations of treks, routes and options are available with Original Tanzania. You can expect comfortable mountain equipment, mobile toilets (on Kilimanjaro) and excellent quality food which can be tailored to dietary requirements.

Coastal Breaks in Tanzania are plentiful. You can hop on an internal flight to Zanzibar or the lesser known Mafia Island. Other islands are Pemba, Chumbe or the private escape of Mnemba. You can experience true luxury and words don’t really do justice for what you can expect to find on the islands. You can start in Stone Town in Zanzibar and then travel and stay around the island where you can find different activities such as: diving, snorkeling, swimming with dolphins, dhow boat sailing, Jozani Forest (wildlife viewing). Or you can island hop! Perhaps you are thinking of a 7 day Kilimanjaro trek, 5 day Safari and then perhaps a 3 night relaxation on the coast! All of this is possible.

Cultural experiences in Tanzania are really enjoyed by all who choose these options. You can add a day or two within your itinerary and know that you are hugely contributing to sustainable activities and tourism that benefit communities widely. This could be to visit the site where the origins of mankind were discovered; walk among local tribes or the last remaining bush people; learn about coffee plantations, local food, arts, crafts, life.

Day Trips are another possibility for those really looking to pack as much in as possible. For example, keen trekkers who don’t have time for a full Kilimanjaro hike can do a 1 day trek to the first camp or enjoy waterfall walks from the local towns of Moshi or Arusha. Other options are a 1 or 2 day Safari to Tarangire and/or Lake Manyara National Parks.