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The Original Tanzania Experience

Ruaha National Park

This amazing National Park is where you can start the game viewing right from the gate! You may find animals outside the main gate, making this a truly natural area of free roaming! The Park's size is 10,300km2.

Ruaha National Park is Tanzania's second largest park and it offers some of the best game viewing you will find in the country. The southwest area of Tanzania, where Ruaha is located, has the lowest rainfall in Tanzania. Like the Selous, Ruaha is a classic dry season park. Game gets progressively better towards the end of the end of the season but you can still visit Ruaha all year round. Even in rainy season the park is particularly stunning from different species of flowers to huge number of migrating birds.

The months of June through to November are the driest as the water holes and rivers dry up and the game concentrates around the permanent waterholes and the remaining part of the river, The park is well know for its large number of greater and lesser Kudu than any where else in Tanzania and general predator concentrations across the park are better than many of the other parks in the country. These are Lion, Leopard, Cheetah as well as Wild dog and Hyena.

Ruaha is rugged bushland and has received a much lower number of tourists which gives visitors an incredibly wild experience within real Africa. The environment supports great wildlife such as Buffalo, Roan Antelope, Sable (Antelope), Grants Gazelle, Zebra, Defassa Waterbuck, Impala, Giraffe and Hartebeest. Big herds of Elephant and over 500 species of bird are found throughout the park. Ruaha is an experience to be enjoyed and offers wild Africa at its best and which you won't forget!