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Original Tanzania
The Original Tanzania Experience

Selous National Park

Selous is the largest African reserve at 55,000km2.

The reserve got its name from the famous 19th century English hunter and explorer Frederick Courtney Selous who died and has been laid to rest on these lands. It is the largest wildlife sanctuary on the African continent and much quieter than the Northern parks. The rivers and lakes of the Selous are the lifeblood to a park that hosts perhaps the greatest concentration of big game left on earth. The secret is finding them!

The characteristic of Selous is its extreme wilderness! The savannah woodland, grassland, or rocky outcrops offer habitat for numerous species. The reality is that this park is so vast and remains pure, untouched African wilderness, that it attracts over 450 species of birds. In addition, Lions are particularly strong in number here, along with leopards. It is also home to over 50% of the endangered African hunting dogs - known as Wild Dogs. These animals are hard to find and their survival important. You will find Red Colobus monkeys, Elephants, Buffalo, Eland, Impala, Zebra, Hartebeest, Baboon, Kudu, Hyena, Sable, Monkeys, Crocodile, Hippo (to name a few!) - and many other species of wildlife.

An alternative to the open roof vehicle Safari, you can consider a boat safari on the Rufiji River, in addition to walking tours. These are truly experiences that makes you see and enjoy wildlife close up and naturally.