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Original Tanzania
The Original Tanzania Experience

Tailored Tours

Tailored Tours are something that companies seek to offer yet we have often seen many compromises made on a client's wishes.

We cannot emphasise enough that our speciality is finding out what you really would like to experience and matching it with making a flexible itinerary. We don't want to tell you that you can't spend an extra night in Serengeti National Park because it does not fit with a 10 day/9 night itinerary. Yes, we will advise that our National Parks are protected and therefore come with a charge that is payable per day (from the authorities) and this would therefore increase your cost but, if you wish to see one more sunrise, then that's what we will try our best to organise.

Tailoured Tours

This is where we hand over to you to complete an information form (link is below). If you have not found what you were looking for within our itineraries then please complete the form with as much information as possible. You can combine options from the fixed itineraries and request to reduce or add days or perhaps add particular activities you are interested in. We have also provided other recommended options.

Tailoured Tours

In return we will advise you on suitability, comfort, distances etc based on the information you have provided about your interests, the people in your travel group and, of course, your budget!

Please go to the form to tell us About You.

Let's make yours an Original Tanzanian experience!