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Original Tanzania
The Original Tanzania Experience

Tanzanian Talent

Original Tanzania aims to develop a programme that seeks to highlight and promote Tanzanian Talent. The word 'talent' is important to us. There is so much focus on "poverty", "alleviating poverty", "starvation" and overall a constant message of negativity. This actually perpetuates the ongoing belief that the African continent is constantly reliant on foreign aid and intervention. A great way out of personal living circumstances is to focus on things that don't constantly remind us that life could be better. Sometimes there is too much information that we read or hear about that becomes distorted and actual facts are rarely made public.There are actually many positives to focus on and develop. In line with this our aim to promote Tanzanian talent.

We have started with focusing on local artists by celebrating their work and bringing its wonderful colourfulness and vibrancy for others to appreciate. Being an independent tour company with original ideas, we completely support individuals and all their unique abilities. We also fully understand that in a world where size and money has a lot of influence, it's becoming more and more difficult to 'stand out'. We therefore want to provide exposure for people who wouldn't normally have the money or placing in the world to shout about their achievements.

You can also find out more about our values and inspiration to understand where we hope to take Original Tanzania in supporting people and increasing awareness and life experiences.