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Original Tanzania
The Original Tanzania Experience

Tarangire National Park

Tarangire National Park has been described as the "Land of Baobab trees and Elephants." Here you will see some of the oldest Baobab trees that shape the way you look across this African landscape. For Elephant lovers, this is a wonderful observation opportunity to enjoy them in the wild. This area is a favourite with them. The size of the Park is 2600km2.

The name comes from Tarangire river which plays an important role. You will find that large herds of animals will migrate to Tarangire during dry season because of this river and for the almost guaranteed year round water source. In terms of species, it’s the only park on the northern circuit where herds of Oryx can be seen. It also provides a platform for finding birds of prey, along with more than 550 other bird species due to the right habitat. There really is a rich variety of wildlife which also includes the tree-climbing python - not everyone's favourite! - but truly worth seeing. If luck is on your side, and time, you might see a Wild Dog.

Within Tarangire's landscape you will find different species of Acacia bush, stunning African plains, swamps and rocky outcrops. Photographers (and general enthusiasts) have gathered spectacular images during sunrise and sunset within the shadow of the Baobab Tree and you can enjoy the birdsong while having some quality time outdoors with nature. Tarangire is a superb wildlife destination for the enthusiast.