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The Original Tanzania Experience

Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of booking and travel with Original Tours and Safaris Limited.

The Company Registration is Original Tanzania Tours and Safaris Limited, also to be referred to as 'us', 'our' and 'we'. The company is registered in Tanzania, Africa under Corporation Number 78207.

These booking conditions will also refer to 'you', 'your', 'yourself', which includes the first named person regarding the booking and any others that are also part of the party of people under the same booking. The use of the word 'itinerary' relates to all parts of your trip/activities as included by us in your overall booking. Any arrangements made by yourself in country will be between you and them. We can provide advice relating to another service provider but are not responsible thereafter.

Our terms and conditions for booking will also include any bookings made via telephone, email or direct via this website.

If there is not a nominated person as the main contact for a booking for more than one person, then the first person will be considered as agreeing on behalf of the full party detailed on the booking. The agreement will be for the following:

  • Our terms and conditions have been read and agreed to, including being bound by the terms. Any person under the age of 18 will require a signature on the booking form from a parent or guardian.
  • Where it is felt there needs to be an age restriction in place for any type of activity provided by Original Tanzania Tours and Safaris Limited, we reserve the right to put this in place and for it to be followed.
  • It is understood by you, the client, that flights are not part of any tour offered by us as this is considered to restrict the flexibility we can offer you and you will also be further protected by booking direct with the airline under their conditions/regulations.
  • Original Tanzania Tours and Safaris Limited do not provide travel or medical insurance cover. Our website provides more detailed information as to arranging your own cover and this is highly advisable.

The Booking Procedure

A booking is deemed to have been made with Original Tours and Safaris Limited at the following point when all actions have been carried out:

  • Acceptance by you of a written or verbal quotation from us for your chosen itinerary.
  • Completion of our booking form. 
  • You will receive an invoice to state the terms of payment and you may receive a revised invoice should any change in cost arise – as described later in these terms and conditions. This will then become a binding contract between you and us.
  • You then have 5 working days to inform us of any changes, including any information you perceive as an error within the documentation. It may affect your rights if you do not make us aware of any errors that then cannot be rectified at a later date. After 5 days, a minimum 25% deposit is payable to us to secure your booking and allow us to start making the necessary arrangements for accommodation, staff and equipment where applicable. We will advise if more than 25% is required dependent on third party terms and conditions of payment. Once the deposit it paid, all other terms and conditions apply with regard to cancellation/changes of booking. If the booking is made within 8 weeks of arrival, then full payment will be required at the point of booking.
  • Full and final payment of the remaining balance is due 8 weeks prior to your arrival. Payment can be made in the following ways: via Bank Transfer to an account provided on your invoice or via credit card using the online payment system. PLEASE NOTE there is a charge for making payments in either of the above ways and this charge is the responsibility of the payer. We advise the charges for online credit card payments is 3.5%.
  • If the final balance is not received and no other prior agreement has been made with regard to payment terms, we reserve the right to view your booking as a cancellation. The procedures and charges for cancellation are as follows:
    • If you or any other member of the party decides to cancel, this must be explained in writing to us. This can be done by email to with full details.
    • If you cancel more than 70 days before the date of travel, you will only lose your deposit.
    • If you cancel up to between 30-59 days before travel, you will be charged 50% of the booking.
    • If you cancel up to 15-29 days before travel, you will be charged 75% of the booking.
    • If you cancel up to 14 days (two weeks before travel) – you will be charged 100% of the booking.

These charges as necessary due to arrangements made with third parties and any costs incurred from them, to us, due to the cancellation.

  • Where possible, every attempt to accommodate requested changes to your itinerary will be made. However, there may be costs attached to this that will be payable by you. In agreeing to these terms and conditions, you are also agreeing to this. Full discussion will take place prior to any final decision.
  • Where a cancellation by one member of the party is necessary, it may be possible for the place to be given to another person but all details must be given in writing by email to This will not be possible if you do not notify us more than 3 weeks before departure. Therefore, the cancellation charges for that person will apply as above. Importantly, please check with your insurance company as to what they will cover should the need to cancel arise.
  • If we are not notified within the agree timeframes, no refunds will be given for non travel or any part of the itinerary that has been paid for but will not be used.

Changes made by us

Our itineraries are put together with careful consideration of distances, accommodation and client wishes. We also include for flexibility where possible in line with traveling in an African country. Therefore, although it is unlikely we will need to make major changes to your itinerary either prior to travel or during your trip, we reserve the right to make changes as required in line with the following:

  • Accommodation change which can occur sometimes due to an error made by the hotel company itself. This has been known and every effort is then made to accommodate you within a reasonable distance and at the closest possible level of comfort that you had previous requested.
  • Slight adjustment to an itinerary which may include switching the route but still visiting the places listed on the itinerary. This may be required due to unforeseen events such as car mechanical issues, weather, illness by a member of the party etc. At all times communication will be undertaken and the following terms will apply:
    • If we need to make a major change to your itinerary prior to departure, we will inform you in writing as soon as possible and you will have the choice of the following: to accept the changes; to receive a full refund; or to accept our alternative recommended itinerary with a refund if the overall itinerary is of less value.
    • You must notify us, by email, of your choice in these circumstances. This must be within one week (5 days) of us contacting you with the alternative. If we do not hear anything, we will go ahead with the planned change to the itinerary and then the cancellation charges as described above, owing to your decisions, will apply.
    • If changes are required following departure, and are clearly circumstances beyond our control and which we could not have foreseen or avoided, no compensation by us will be paid but every attempt will be made to ensure the continued safety and care of you.
  • Please also check with your insurance company as to any further claim you can make. Please also provide details of your insurance policy to us before you travel.
  • In very rare cases of 'force majeure' following departure, we regret that unless any compensation is received from third parties, which can then be passed to you, we are not able to provide compensation or refunds.
  • If our contractual obligations to you cannot be met due to unforeseen, unavoidable circumstances, we cannot provide any compensation or refund. This is applicable both prior to and following departure. This may include, but is not exhaustive, consultation of the Foreign Office and events such as actual (or threat of) terrorist activity; civil unrest; rioting; government strikes/industrial disputes; any natural disaster; election unrest; weather conditions causing national problems; strikes at ports/airports; war and any activities related to warfare. In these circumstances, where both parties, 'you' and 'us' are affected, efforts will only be made to pass on compensation where third parties are able to provide them to us and we will advise of this.

Surcharges, Accuracy at Time of Travel and Additional or Reduced Costs

Tanzania is a part of the world that can be subject to price fluctuation and unexpected changes in taxation/supplier costs. This is also the case for fuel increases/currency exchange rates. If, at the point of two months before travel the cost of your itinerary has become affected by elements such as these, no cost will be passed onto you up to 3% of the cost of your trip. These will be absorbed by us. Where excessive increases have reached 8% of the cost above the original price, you will be given the following choices:

  • Accommodation at a reduced cost/lower grade; or
  • Slight amendments to your itinerary to meet the original budget; or
  • To pay us the additional cost to ensure you can undertake your original itinerary
  • If you wish to cancel the trip as a result of the increase, you must inform us in writing within 14 days of receiving a final invoice with the amended costs on it. No refunds are offered 30 days prior to travel.

Important Note: For all bookings made within 7 weeks prior to travel and making the full payment (inclusive of deposit), terms and conditions apply as follows:

  • There is a 5 day cooling off period following the booking whereby to inform us of any changes to the itinerary or any errors. It may affect your rights if you do not inform us and these changes cannot be accommodated at a later date.
  • For cancellations made by you 14 days prior to travel, 100% of the booking cost will be charged.
  • For cancellations made by you between 15 – 29 days prior to travel, 75% of the booking cost will be charged.
  • Any cancellation made after 30 - 44 days prior to travel will be charged at 50% of the booking cost.

Reducing the duration of your itinerary and Customer Service

If you choose to return home early and this is in no way related to our services, we cannot provide a refund for any part of the itinerary that has not yet been undertaken. Where complaints are necessary, we take this seriously and ask that you please speak with a member of staff in country. Please allow for a reasonable amount of time for any issues to be dealt with and be assured that we sincerely wish to advise and help as much as possible.

Special Requests/Disabilities/Medical related problems

With regard to special requests, please do ask and we do endeavour to ensure these are met. These may be dietary requests or a particular room etc. and we require that these are made as clear as possible in writing. However, where an example such as a major food allergy or inability to eat where a food provider may be unable to control the existence of a type of food, we will advise appropriate as to whether it is possible to undertake that part of your trip. You therefore agree to these terms and conditions after having booked with us that whilst every attempt is made to meet requests and advise appropriately, we will not be responsible for the requests being carried out where it is out of our control or any consequences thereafter.

Similarly, it is vitally important that you inform us of any disability or medical problems prior to travel so that we are able to advise clearly and accurately on whether a person is fit to undertake part, or all, of the itinerary. Failure to provide this information that then incurs an incident related to an undeclared illness/medical condition will not be the responsibility of Original Tanzania Tours and Safaris Limited. We reserve the right to request a medical form or other such appropriate document provided by your Doctor and you therefore are required to provide consent for this. If we do not receive the required documentation by the period of time requested, this will lead to cancellation whereby the charges to you, the client, referred to above, will apply. It is also in your interests to advise your tour leaders/guides of any medical condition or medicine being taken. This is particularly important for activities such as climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

Therefore, comprehensive insurance cover should be sought by all travellers particularly in areas where access to medical care is less available.

Staff Instructions and Risks related to Travel

At all times it is accepted by you that where an itinerary is offered that differs from a 'package' type of holiday and could include for more adventurous activities, strenuous hiking activities and other 'off the beaten track' based itineraries, that there will be a certain amount of personal risk. At all times you are required to listen to the advice given by tour leaders and guides. You will find further useful information and FAQ in our website that could assist further with understanding the different environment in which you will be traveling.

In addition, at no point will any form of antisocial behaviour towards any member of staff whilst on tour, meeting local people/tribes people be tolerated. We therefore reserve the right to cancel any part of the itinerary owing to unacceptable behaviour that could affect the safety of the group or the facilitation of the itinerary. No refund will be offered in such circumstances. At all times, we ask that you consult with us regarding any difficulties.

In agreeing to our terms and conditions you are accepting that there are limitations as to how we can handle unpredictable elements of such itineraries within a developing country. All members of the traveling party therefore agree to adhere to decisions made and instructions given by Original Tanzania Tours and Safaris Limited. This also includes for any third party involved in the delivery of your itinerary.

Important: There may be elements of your itinerary where we may be acting as an agent whereby another partner will provide the services. At these times, you are to liaise with us throughout so that we can follow up on any issues direct with the service provider. It is also up to you to ensure appropriate insurance cover throughout your trip as neither we, nor a third party acting in partnership with us are liable for incidents e.g. loss/damage to personal items, injuries incurred, illness etc. as these are outside of our remit which is further explained below.

What to expect from us

  • At all times we will endeavour to provide a service that focuses on your safety and well-being. We are also a fair employer and insist on ensuring that all who work for us/with us receive fair wages and other benefits as appropriate. As a team of people, we have experienced working for very little compensation whilst striving to set up and deliver better the conditions for others.
  • We will not be responsible for any of the following whereby the result is injury, death, loss, personal cost/expenses, illness or any other claim is as a result of:
    • Actions by yourself, including where you have omitted to keep us informed
    • Unforeseen/unpredictable events that could not have been avoided and therefore an appropriate service could not be provided no matter how much care provision is put in place.
    • Actions by a party external to our agreed contract, which provided services to you that were unforeseen/unpredictable.
    • Provision of services that are incomparable with another country's standards. For example, local standards in Tanzania may differ greatly to those in the UK or the USA. It is therefore accepted by you that care and professionalism has been undertaken in securing your accommodation/activities and other related aspects of your itinerary.
  • Where claims come under travel such as by air, sea, rail and also accommodation, there are certain Conventions in place which means that any carrier in relation to travel has their own 'conditions of carriage' in place. If we arrange transport for you, we are also reliant on these conditions of carriage. Therefore, any incident relating to a travel provider will be their responsibility and by arranging to travel with us and agreeing to our terms and conditions, you are also agreeing to these 'conditions of carriage'.
  • We cannot accept any responsibility for facilities/additional trips/services offered to, and undertaken by you, from any other supplier/tour company etc whilst you are in country. Therefore any excursions not booked through us, will not be under our contract and you will therefore be under contract with the other tour operator.
  • We agree to carry out your itinerary using professionalism and care, whilst allowing for flexibility if required (and as explained earlier). We are also responsible for the actions of our staff and if you do have any reason for complaint or dissatisfaction, please contact us by email at as we will need information in writing. We would also ask that you speak with our staff and we will also endeavour to follow things up promptly. We agree to adhere to all standards set out in Tanzania for tour operations and appropriate licensing. Please note that contact numbers for key management/staff are provided at the end of this document.
  • When making a complaint, in the first instance, please speak with your relevant tour leader/guide or where it may be an issue related to accommodation, please speak to the hotel management. Only at the point where it is not resolved or you wish to escalate the complaint on return from your trip, please contact us at email This should be done within 7 working days otherwise it is unlikely to be possible to follow up any investigation reasonably. It will be necessary to receive as much detail as possible in order for us to focus on key issues and provide a comprehensive response and, where applicable, any refund.
  • In terms of protection related to your finances and outside of the information related to refunds/compensation, we state that we do not organize flights for clients. As we are a registered company in Tanzania and also provide flexibility in departure dates and itineraries, it is in your best interests to book with flight operators direct. This allows you to be covered by their policies and your insurance policies in relation to flight cancellations/delays etc. If you miss a connection or there are delays, we will try our best to accommodate this into your itinerary without further costs to yourself. However, we are not responsible for compensation on a basis where you have had to make further payment for another connecting flight if you missed the first flight.
  • We can only offer advice in relation to passports/visas/health/immunization requirements. It is your responsibility to seek direct information from the relevant embassy. Further information is provided by us within our website regarding visas for Kenya and Tanzania and where you can search for more information. Specialist travel clinics can give the appropriate advice for immunization and we advise that you seek this service 3–4 months prior to travel where applicable. We are not responsible for any incidents that are a result of your actions in relation to the above.
  • Where possible, we try hard to update our information regarding hotels/all types of accommodation/resorts etc. but as Tanzania is a large country and we are not always able to visit each place, we rely on the service providers to give accurate/up-to-date information and photographic images of the properties and the surrounding environment. Therefore, in agreeing to these terms and conditions, you agree to accept that there may be discrepancies between marketing images and descriptions and the reality. In addition, 'essentials' such as water and electricity cannot be expected to function consistently well in certain areas of Tanzania. Also, where limited rainfall or other adverse weather conditions or unforeseen events affect the supply of these items, this must be accommodated. However, at all times, accommodation providers do strive to maintain their services. Please also bear this in mind when experiencing local insects or other bugs/mosquitoes. This really is part of life in Tanzania and it is advised to equip yourself appropriately.